For the past few days ASI developer was working on a new Tokenomics for BBOTS project to make it easily achieving more profits for all the holders.

The following bullet points are going to be the new BBOTS Roadmap/Tokenomics of BBOTS (PCS V2 Migration Event)

ASI has recently announced the launch of its decentralized exchange, and for the first time in a while, the DEX isn’t a food-themed DeFi circus. Rather, it’s an AI-backed liquidity platform, named ASISwap, built to foster seamless exchange of value within the ASI ecosystem.

ASISwap is a decentralized exchange running…

  • Basically it’s increasing in value on a daily basis by burning 5% out of the liquidity.
  • The BBOTS side is burning every 30000 Blocks on BSC and 6500 Bocks on ETH Network.
  • ASISwap Developer has set this function and anyone can…

If you’re not familiar with the BOTS concept, you need to read this article Introducing $BOTS, The token that increases in value by 5% every day.

The initial BBOTS supply will be 24M $BBASI and the liquidity will be initiated on PancakeSwap and ASI Swap.

As you just read, BBOTS…

Sounds like a dream, right? Well, thanks to the power of decentralized finance, it’s now very much achievable!

The ASI developer has designed a smart contract that can burn 5% every day out of the liquidity on any Decentralized Exchange. …

Thanks to the low transaction fees on the Binance smart chain, the ASI project has witnessed an upraise in the volume of transactions after launching on the Binance Smart Chain

ASI is the first AI-backed DeFi project that aims to solve the unfair rewards distribution mechanism in the Decentralized Finance…

After the successful ERC20 launch the ASI developer needed to proof the concept of implementing the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in DeFi.
Due to high TX fees on the Ethereum blockchain the trading volume has decreased on ASI. …

Artificial Super Intelligence DeFi Introduction

ASI stands for Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI), which is a hypothetical type of AI that doesn’t just mimic or understand human intelligence and behavior; ASI machines become self-aware and surpass the capacity of human intelligence and ability.

ASI works by applying a fee to each transaction ”fees are determined based…

Artificial Super Intelligence

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